Myon.myon, a Japan-based artist, has specially created ultra-cute accessories for the happy sunday club!
Each of these accessories is a testament to the artist's meticulous craftsmanship and delicate touch. Take a moment to appreciate their beauty.

About myon.myon

Embroidered bead jewelry designer living in Japan.

She majored in biology at university and graduate school. She began creating embroidered and beaded accessories by hand in December 2022, drawing on her experience as an embryologist at a fertility clinic and as a technical staff member at a university and venture company.

"I want people to follow their own “cute” rather than what others have decided is cute."
"Accessories for people who follow their own “cute”.
She makes each and every stitch with all her heart under the motto, “For people who carry out their own cuteness”.

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works @myon.myon_embroidery

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