About us

Welcome to Happy Sunday Club ᧔♡᧓

One particular Sunday, while we were picnicking at McCarren Park, Brooklyn, we had an idea that was uniquely ours. It was to create a new brand that blends our hometown's Japanese Kawaii culture with the vibrant culture of Brooklyn, the city we currently call home...


Based on Brooklyn and Asian female founders. We're very happy to share Japanese and Asian culture to the world. We aim to be a little happier on Sundays, which many people find depressing. We hope you will find your favorite accessories and items here at Happy Sunday Club to help make your days a little brighter and more enjoyable.
Another of our goals is to support local businesses as well as small businesses. Brooklyn is home to many artists and designers, and through our happy Sunday club we will grow with them and help small businesses thrive.
Thank you for stopping with us໒꒱ 


Our Mission᧔♡᧓


 Our mission is to become an intersection of Kawaii and New York. As we are Japanese living in the U.S, we have been wondering how we can share Kawaii inspiration to the people. This is how we started to get an idea for Happy Sunday Club. One of our missions is to support local businesses, hand-made creater as well as small businesses. There are many wonderful artists in the U.S. and around the world who have yet to be discovered. We would like to support small businesses and artists in the U.S. by promoting their products with a focus on Asia. Therefore we are importing many wonderful items from Asia and discover creator. 
At the same time, Over the past three years, YUI BROOKLYN has cultivated relationships with numerous talented artists across the U.S., each boasting their own distinct style. While it would be effortless to merely showcase their products, we believe in pushing the boundaries. Therefore, we've committed to regularly collaborating with these artists, blending their unique aesthetics with the charm of Kawaii. 
Happy Sunday Club aspires to be such a secret treasure box. We will bring you the cutest things you haven't seen yet! 
Check out Yui Brooklyn 🎀 https://yuibrooklyn.com/


Our Profile᧔♡᧓ 

Founder Yui Kobayashi
Born in Aichi, Japan. After graduating from college in Japan, She worked in marketing and promotions for a tech company. She Moved to the U.S. in 2016. After starting her own business in NY State in 2018, she launched her candle store YUI BROOKLYN in 2020, manufacturing and shipping her own candles. Currently selling candles in a variety of locations from large corporations such as Urban Outfitters, Madewell, and to Brooklyn Museums and small local stores.

Founder Yuka Kamata
Born in Tokyo, Japan. She move to the U.S. in 2016 and graduated from Parsons school of Design in Communication Design in 2023. She met Yui when she was a student in Parsons and have worked for Yui Brooklyn as an intern. As she learned a graphic design at Parsons, she is pursuing her training to become a graphic designer. 

Creative Director Mina Lee
Born in Tokyo, Japan, She is a Japanese of Korean descent. With a passion for drawing and creating, she embraces her creativity wholeheartedly. While she is the founder of HSC, Mina's incredibly free-spirited nature keeps her from conforming to corporate boundaries. Instead, she supports Yui and Yuka from a creative perspective, unbound by the constraints of a traditional company structure.


Emotional Supporters Malu & Charles
Born in Okinawa Japan. In the winter of 2015, Yui rescued a tiny 1.5-pound tabby Malu who had become separated from her parents on the streets. Six months later, in the same street, Yui also rescued a cream tabby Charles who was lost. In 2016, they moved to NYC with Yui, pursuing their dreams.